High Quality Pi Camera

Raspberry Pi Wildlife Camera 2020

Using the latest High Quality Raspberry Pi Camera Module and a 16mm Telephoto Lens, it is possible to take some really nice quality wildlife photos.

The camera module with the lens fitted is mounted onto a plastic project box, and a Raspberry Pi ZeroW is installed inside. The whole box is mounted to a small tripod attached to a pole firmly mounted in the ground. A plastic cover is placed over the camera module and lens to give some protection from rain. The camera is pointing towards a perch over a small stream.

PiKrellCam motion detection software is running on the Pi. When a motion event occurs, a series of still shots are taken in jpg format. The lens is set to between f5.6 and f8 to ensure good depth of field.

Some recent photographs are shown below (these are cropped images). Click on an image to open in a new tab, then click image again to enlarge.

Male Kingfisher

Male Kingfisher

Male Kingfisher

Juvenile Blackbird

Robin (with feather mites)

Compare these with my previous photos from the earlier Raspberry Pi camera module here.

Please do not use any images without prior permission. Copyright 2020.