Other Raspberry Pi Projects

This page highlights some other interesting Raspberry Pi related projects.

Raspberry Pi Wildlife Camera (September 2017) 

Last updated 26th July 2020

Details of my first Raspberry Pi Wildlife Camera from 2013 can be found here, together with some quite impressive videos:  http://www.afraidofsunlight.co.uk/weather/index.php?page=trailcam

However, now that the PiZeroW is available, it’s now possible to make quite small wildlife cameras. Also, with the Raspberry Pi V2.1 Camera Module, the image quality is also improved.  With a telephoto lens attached, it’s possible to get some really nice close-up shots compared to what I was capturing back in 2013.

If you want to see images captured with the latest (2020) High Quality Camera Module, click here.

This is my latest PiZeroW wildlife camera:

PiZeroW Wildlife Camera

PiZeroW Wildlife Camera – before camouflage tape applied

The project case is just slightly larger than a pack of playing cards. The telephoto lens is the type designed to be used with mobile phones. This one has 12X magnification.  The camera module needs to be positioned a few millimetres behind the lens to avoid vignetting of the image.

The motion detection software I am using is the excellent PiKrellCam

These Kingfisher photos were taken with this wildlife camera. Click on the image for a larger version.

Female Kingfisher

Male Kingfisher

Male Kingfisher

…and some Robins…




Videos captured with this wildlife camera…