I have built several different versions of bat recorder/detectors since summer 2014, using a Raspberry Pi computer and compatible audio card.  Two versions are detailed on this site – a simple recorder and a multi-function recorder/detector.

I have recorded at least seven different species of bat flying around my garden using these types of devices, having previously assumed there were just Common Pipistrelles flying around!

Hopefully the details here will inspire you to make a Raspberry Pi-based bat recorder/detector and learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Simple Bat Recorder


Simple Bat Recorder

Multi-function Bat Recorder/Detector

3D Printed Case for Raspberry Pi Bat Recorder

3D Printed Case for Raspberry Pi Bat Recorder

Bat Simulator

The Bat Simulator is an ultrasonic microphone test device. It emits ultrasonic test pulses that can be to used check the functioning of your bat detector.  This is really useful when you have made one of the above recorder/detectors and want to check its functionality.


Bat Video Recording

Using a Raspberry Pi Zero and a Pi NoIR camera module, it is possible to video bats at night.  Inspired by Martin Mander’s Batinator project, click here to find out more about my adaptation of this excellent project.