Bat videos

Last updated: 4th September 2016

Bat Video Recording

Using a Raspberry Pi together with the Pi NoIR camera module, it is possible to video bats.  This is an adaptation of the project by Martin Mander called The Raspberry Pi Batinator:

Here’s my version, using a Raspberry Pi Zero mounted inside an old halogen spotlight casing.  The Pi Zero and camera are mounted in a slightly modified ZeroView camera mounting adaptor from the Pi Hut.


Pi Zero installed inside an old Halogen spotlight case.


Pi Zero Cam installed underneath eaves. Note the microphone used for sound activated bat recording attached to the gutter down-pipe.

A network cable is attached so that videos can be downloaded. Instructions on how to put an Ethernet port on a Pi Zero can be found here.

A 48 LED IR spotlight is used for illumination.  This video shows what can be captured using this set-up (there are two bats in this video):